Gambling in Finland: From national virtue to problem gambling

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Ranked as one of the happiest nations in Europe, Finland boasts of the nationwide popularity of nettikasino (online casino in Finish language) entertainment. Immense growth of this industry and never-ending passion of Fins for gambling have made this activity part of national lifestyle.

However, there are times when excessive love for gambling can do more harm than good to individuals and society as a whole. For most Fins gambling still remains a great way to have fun and get relief from stress, while for others, love for casinos results in social, financial and health issues. This is mainly caused by unhealthy obsession with casino games.

Today, problem gambling affects countless Fins provoking all sorts of difficulties. To handle this issue, the local government is trying to:

  • Encourage responsible gambling;
  • Provide support to those who need help;
  • Offer various treatment solutions.

One more efficient way to deal with gambling addiction is to conduct a deep research on this matter and keep an eye on the existing gambling issues.

Problem gambling: Vulnerable groups and possible risks

In line with the recent findings, a substantial part of gambling activities in Finland still occurs at land-based casinos. Men here have a tendency to love gambling more than women, while the most vulnerable age groups are 25 to 44 years.

As for underage citizens, Finnish government has always put much effort to restrict their engagement in casino activities to prevent possible financial and health problems.

Today, it’s hard to say whether gambling in Finland can become a serious matter of concern. In certain cases, however, it still provokes many problems affecting the society. In fact, it was found that Fins’ love for gambling is likely to result in:

  • Problems in educational sphere;
  • Growth of unemployment;
  • Health issues;
  • Addictive behavior;
  • Difficulties in social life, etc.

Gambling may harm individuals, their loved ones and society: What do statistics say?

Online casino entertainment is not always harmless and may sometimes go out of control. Simply because not everyone knows measure in what they do, love for gambling can eventually lead to:

  • Problem of delayed payments of bills;
  • Severe addiction;
  • Financial hardships;
  • Growth of criminal activity.

According to the latest gambling surveys, only 11% of gamblers in Finland suffer from negative outcomes because of their love for casino games. Meanwhile, 3% of the local population faces serious gambling problems, while around 1.4% suffers from gambling addiction.

Main causes of problem gambling in Finland

With such an immense growth of gambling industry in Finland, it comes as no surprise that problem gambling is not a rare case here. What are the main reasons behind this tendency? In fact, problem gambling behavior is most often caused by the next factors:

  • Gambling not less than several times a week;
  • Unhealthy interest to more than four different games;
  • Engagement in both offline and online casino games.

These and other factors may result in the prevalence of gambling addiction and other worrisome issues. Simply put, when gambling becomes habitual, it may even become a number-one priority despite the need to work or study as well as maintain healthy family relationships. In the worst-case scenarios, gambling addiction leads to:

  • Cheating and hiding one’s problem from loved ones;
  • Uncontrollable obsession with gambling;
  • Skipping work or refusing to attend school;
  • Neglect of vital expenses;
  • Reckless selling of personal possessions;
  • Resorting to crime like stealing money in order to continue gaming activities;
  • Having no fear of placing risky bets while gambling.

As a result, the uncontrollable gambling addiction may lead to social isolation, ruination of relationships, loss of property or job and other serious problems.

How Finland tackles this problem?

On a brighter note, with the right approach, problem gambling is easy to handle. The government of Finland has made everything possible to eradicate or at least mitigate this problem. Thanks to the implementation of various rehabilitation programs, group counseling and psychotherapy as well as supply with medications and changing one’s lifestyle, addictive behavior of gamblers in this country is easy to keep under control.

Blockchain for SaaS solution


It is THE Blockchain SaaS solution to meet the need for transparency and traceability of supply chains, however complex they may be.

  • Model your sectors
  • Engage your employees and partners
  • Track your shipments in real time
  • Connect your monitoring to your IS and to a connected object platform
  • Tokenize your traceability to enhance it




The data recorded in the Blockchain are decentralized, inviolable and ineradicable :

  • No risk of double counting
  • No risk of subsequent alteration of the information, even by the hosts / developers of the service


Information relating to the supply chain is accessible by all stakeholders in compliance with data confidentiality rules:

  • Brands and consumers can verify the origin of products, with high granularity 
    (example: field plot of origin of a cultivated product)
  • Producers can follow the progress of their production throughout its transformation


Purchain is committed to implementing the highest level of requirement and best practices in terms of traceability, by relying on the most recent technologies (Blockchain, IoT, etc.)



A multiple system integrating existing processes

Manual entry

  • CSV Upload
  • Upload PDF
  • API
  • IOT connector


Display of transactions

Management of consultation rights 

Flow diagrams integrating blockchain hashes 

Transaction record with QR Code 

API that can be used by third-party systems


Interoperability with geolocation systems

Recording of locations by address or latitude and longitude 

Generation of KML file usable on Google Maps or Open Street Map.


Reinforced transparency

Web and BDD interfaces in Saas 

Distributed registers:

  • 4 default instances (Futurs and PurProjet) – Saas
  • Possibility of additional “on-premice” or Saas instances
  • Involvement of academic and non-profit partners to strengthen transparency.


A permitted and configurable blockchain

Wallets based on the definition of roles, identification of legal entities and user rights. 

Token configurable according to stock criteria 

Management of authorized flows reproducing the supplychain 

Deployment of smart contracts (solidity) on private Ethereum.


The initiator of the sector sets a token according to his product vision (physical, social, environmental characteristics, etc.)

The players follow the transfer rules and provide information on changes to the token at each stage.

The token remains the property of a beneficiary who can resell it or exchange it on the markets (carbon, ODD17 …).


PUR Projet, a social enterprise, helps businesses strengthen and secure their supply chains, and restore the ecosystems on which they depend, while enabling local communities to improve their living conditions. is a consulting and service agency dedicated to technological innovation and Blockchain, Futurs has notably created, in co-innovation with Engie, Blockchain Studio, a software suite intended to facilitate the adoption of this technology by businesses.

A “plug-and-play” platform on Azure

  • Automated deployment and monitoring
  • Saas or “on-premise” management

Member of the Microsoft Startup Program

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