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It is THE Blockchain Solution as a service (SaaS) to meet the need for transparency and traceability of supply chains as complex they may be.

  • Model your channels
  • Board your employees and partners
  • Track your loads in real time
  • Connect your tracking to your IS and a IoT platform
  • Tokenize your traceability to value it

... with a single interface, intuitive and straightforward.

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Backed-up traceability by Blockchain
for all kinds of supply chains.



food & beverage




PURChain, an innovative Blockchain solution
for each supply chain requirements

reliability / security

The data entered in the Blockchain are decentralized and permanent :

  • No risk of double counting
  • No chance of a posteriori alteration of the information, even by the hosts/developers of the service


Supply chain information is accessible to all stakeholders by data confidentiality rules :

  • Brands and consumers can check the origin of products, with high granularity
    (example: Sources of a crop's field plot)
  • Producers can follow the path of their productions throughout the transformation process


Purchain commits to implement the highest level of requirements and best practices in terms of traceability, using the most recent technologies (Blockchain, IoT ...)

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how it works

data feed

Multiple systems integrating existing processes

Manual entry

  • CSV Upload
  • PDF Upload
  • API
  • IoT Connector


Transaction display

Reading authorization management

Flow diagrams integrating blockchain hashes

Transaction statement with QR Code

API exploitable by third-party systems


Interoperability with geolocation systems

Locations record by address or latitude and longitude

KML files generation usable on Google Maps or Open Street Map.


Enhanced transparency

Web Interfaces in SaaS

Distributed ledger :

  • 4 default instances (Futures and PurProjet)
  • A possibility of additional instances "on-premice" Saas
  • Involvement of academic and non-profit partners to enhance transparency.


A permissionned and configurable blockchain

Wallets based on the roles'definition, legal persons'identification and user rights.

Customizable token according to the stock's criteria

Authorization management in supply chain flow

Deployment of smart contracts (solidity) on private Ethereum.

What is

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a 'token ready' architecture

The initiator of the sector sets a token according to his product vision (physical, social, environmental characteristics, etc.)

The actors follow the transfer rules and complete the token informations at each stage.

The token remains the property of the holder who can resell it or exchange it on the markets (carbon, ODD17 ...).

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our partners

A service provided by confirmed and committed actors

PUR Projet, a social enterprise, helps businesses strengthen and secure their supply chains, and restore the ecosystems they depend on while enabling local communities to improve their livelihoods. is a consulting and service agency dedicated to technological innovation and Blockchain, Futurs has created, in co-innovation with Engie, Blockchain Studio, a software suite intended to facilitate the adoption of this technology by businesses.

A « plug-and-play » Azure plateform

  • Automatic deployment and monitoring
  • SaaS or «on-premise» Management

Microsoft Startup Program Member.

Find us on Azure Market Place.


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